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Shefali combined her clinical knowledge with her understanding and sympathetic approach for my eating disorder recovery!

Shefali is a wonderful Dietitian-Nutritionist. She truly listens to your needs and caters your plan to fit your lifestyle. She is very understanding and sympathetic. She genuinely cares for her patients and she goes the extra mile to ensure you are taken care of.

With my hectic schedule, she has been more than flexible and patient with me. I have had 3 other dietitians and I frankly think she is the best. I highly recommend her as a nutrition coach and dietitian.

Thank you Shefali for all your help!

Judy C

Shefali made my weight loss journey full with adventures, she added some roots of positive self esteem and healthier habits that will last life long!

I decided to get nutritional counseling due to health concerns caused by years of poor eating.After years of yo-yo dieting and living in a food-guilt mode, I have finally been able to make and sustain some positive changes in my life. Initially, I was reluctant to visit a nutritionist, thinking years of dieting had converted me into an expert on what I should or should not eat. Certainly, I did not need another skinny person to tell me I was grossly overweight and should eat a cheeseburger. My mirror did a pretty good job of that everyday.

However working with Shefali has been an incredibly positive experience. Shefali has been a considerable influence on the positive changes I am making. She understands the time constraints I live under, and provides useful and valuable insight into how to make healthy changes less stressful as well as realistic. Her gentle guidance has spilled over into other areas of my life as well. I am now making time to have fun and take care of myself spiritually. I can not say enough about what a positive experience this has been for me. Thank you Shefali and Webnutri!

Nora G

I got exceptional results with this mix approach of combining coaching, counseling, and food therapy to match with my unique personal needs!

Shefali truly listens! She sets realistic goals and has great input with simple Action plan to help in the specific areas that you struggle with.

Sam R

Shefali found answers to my Diabetes Mystery!

I have had diabetes for more than few years. I was on few meds to manage my Diabetes. I was seeing Endo doc..and my diabetes still seem to act mysterically. My numbers went up and down without known reasons to make me feel tons of confusion and frustration. Working with Shefali saved me spending endless hours on internet and ending up with headche searching for answers on what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, what foods to combine to really stabilize my blood sugar. I felt so much relief to find someone who specializes with foods, life, hormones, and diabetes – all in one professional! The surprise was she kept some fun and comfort foods back in my life..and i was not deprived of carbohydrates that gave me bad cravings and i felt losing control of my eating. My doctor already cut my meds in half dose and soon looking forward to may discontinue all the meds because I don’t need it, and I feel much more energized, balanced, and person with clear mind.

Victor L

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