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Shefali Ajmera, MS, RDN, LD, CDE.

I am a Board Certified Dietitian and Nutritionist who specializes in weight loss, prevention, and Diabetes. I am also an emotional healer, who focuses on mind and body healing and treating eating disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health conditions. I specialize in plant based, vegan and vegetarian diets and have been practicing Foods and Nutrition for over a decade. 

In my personal life, I am a single mother of two gorgeous children and fur babies. I completely understand the challenges and confusion of  trying to navigate Paleo, Keto, Veganism and other “diets” we see on social media …figuring out  what to buy and how to cook, while keeping up with our busy life, working, and still eating healthy without sacrificing our  social life and enjoying Restaurant foods. 

At the same time, living in such a divided, judgmental world of masks or no masks, and all the stimulation caused by screens, work, school, family, kids, dating, marriage etc , comes with lots of pressure and high expectations of  succeeding in each area.  This can create anxiety and/or depression, panic attacks, and other mental health problems. Well,  you are not alone and I would love to help your mind and body get fit, strong and balanced – by using a combination of nutrition science, whole foods, and the teaching of life skills to mobilize your emotional healing abilities.

Karen Zern Flanagan, RDN.

I have been practicing Dietitian since 1986, working in areas of weight loss, eating well during cancer treatments, diabetes management, and family nutrition. I know that “one size fits all” isn’t true and together we can figure out what is best to improve your overall health. 

I’m a graduate of Texas A&M, married, with 3 grown sons who grew up hearing “where’s the color on your plate?”.

You’ll find me walking, biking, cooking, and reading in my spare time.

Nicole Khan, BS, MS.

I enjoy taking time and learning about each individual patient and creating plans specific to their needs. My goal is to set patients up for success and make eating and being healthy an easy choice.

I also love implementing foods that are relevant to one’s culture so there is a sense of familiarity and comfort. I focus on positivity and encouragement. I understand that making a big life decision to shift eating habits, whether it be becoming vegan, avoiding processed foods, losing weight, etc. can be scary. I will walk you through the entire process and be your cheerleader!

My education is in nutrition and dietetics. My area of expertise is mindless eating and functional health. I am a published researcher, former professor, and current founder/CEO of a nutraceutical company, Lanai Hemp (

I have a unique way of approaching preventative health and nutrition. Let’s talk and see how I can help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Iris Federmann-Birch, CCA, Office Manager and Hot Sculpting Specialist.

I moved to the US from Germany in December 2018, where I worked as a nurse, as well as a volunteer for the American Red Cross at an Army Medical Clinic in Germany. I am a certified medical coder and am currently studying Medical Billing and Coding at Central Texas College. I have been married to my husband for 14 years now and we have two sons.

In my free time, you can find me at the barn with my horse “Hondo”, or hiking with the family and our two dogs.

My personal interests also include plant based nutrition and trying out new vegan recipes.

Cairn Timko, Webnutri Dietetic Intern.

I am a recent graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Nutrition and Foods. I am currently working in my dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian and am extremely passionate about food and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle!

I love to be outdoors hiking or kayaking with my dogs, in the kitchen cooking/baking, and enjoying time with friends and family. I have two dogs, a German shepherd and a border collie, both of which have a ton of energy!

I am especially interested in trying out new recipes and throwing whatever is in my fridge together to create beautiful dishes. Cooking is my ultimate stress reliever and I love educating others about nutrition.

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