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We specialize with weight loss, wellness, fitness, diabetes (prediabtes, type and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes), vegetarian plant based diets, chronic medical condition management (cholesterol, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, auto immune conditions, kidney/renal diseases), and eating disorders.

Yes, we do take most private insurances as well as Medicare. If you would us to find out your exact coverage, please simply take picture of front and back of your insurance card, and front only of driving id and text it to 512-998-5255.

Yes, we certainly offer great discounts to people when they take initiative to take care of themselves. We also have great teacher, military, seniors, student, and low income bracket discounts available. If your insurance does not cover or if you high deductibles plan, we can offer great self pay discounts to you.

Yes we can see you in person as well as over the phone or on web face to face using our HIPPA compliant state of art technology. And we are open on Saturdays.

Typically results are seen within just a matter of few weeks! To reach at final desired numbers, total time frame is few months to up-to year.

We recommend every week to 2 weeks visits in the first month, after that it will be 3-4 weeks until you reach your desired targeted goals.

Please ask us if you did not find your questions here. (512-998-5255)

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